Caffè Rosito

“Since the beginning, we’ve always pursued quality and passion.

We like to think that our coffee can improve your day.”

Accademia del Caffè Rosito

Accademia del Caffè

In 2006, the “Accademia del Caffè Rosito” was established with the aim of organizing training courses for bartenders and those who intend to take up this profession.

Rosito Caffè - c'è sempre un perchè

For the assortment, for the availability, the care and the dedication to the clientele. For the variety of blends that meet the taste standards of quality-conscious customers. For those who want to start a business but also for all those bartenders who wish to stock up on new, excellent products. For the vast expertise gained in sixty years of activity. For the most demanding clients, for the aficionados, for the innovators, for the sophisticated, for connoisseurs, for the habitués, for those who are baristas and for those who are not, for me and for you, there is always a reason to choose Rosito Caffè.

  • Francesco Ricatti, Ristoratore
  • “Because I like to offer a tasty break”

  • Antonio Daloiso, Chef Pasticcere
  • “Because I will be behind you every step of the way in the startup of your coffee bar”

  • Onofrio Verzicco, Titolare
  • “Because the clientele of a bar is always more and more demanding”

  • Gianni Leoci, Titolare
  • Luciano Minerva, Titolare
  • Arcangelo Stasi, Titolare
  • “Because it is the customers who ask for it”

  • Saverio Barbangelo, Titolare
  • Saverio Florio, Pasticcere
  • “Because they know how to take care of their customers”

  • Giuseppe Picarreta, Imprenditore
  • Massimo Talia, Titolare
  • “Because it includes the needs of a barista”

  • Giuseppe Faretra, Titolare
  • Rosito Caffè - C'è sempre un perchè
  • Antonio Aimone, Titolare
  • “Because it offers only the best products”

  • Claudio Rutigliano, Titolare
  • Antonio e Nicola Bollino, Titolari
  • “Because in my work it is important to be able to count on reliability and quality”

  • Carlo Policastro, Titolare
  • Salvatore Distaso, Barista